About Preference

We seek to bring our expertise to improve the fenestration industry through avant-garde software technology that benefits everyone from the manufacturer to the customer.

Founded in 1994, today over 10,000 businesses from all continents rely on our software every day.

Expansion of our office building. Opening scheduled for January 2025.

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Why do business with Preference?

An extreme Customer focus

“Providing the best product, service and support to each individual customer is our mission at Preference”. Our commitment to our customers is and will remain our top priority. We like to call it “The Orange Factor”.

Loyal and involved Customers

The commitment shared by our customers to manufacture the best windows and doors inspires us to develop and implement the finest software for them. We work hard with our family of customers to create a culture where new ideas are welcome and successes are celebrated.

Dedication and Experience

Our dedicated team of developers and engineers are determined to keep your production not only running smoothly, but exceeding expectations by offering the most cutting-edge technology. With over 25 years we understand your business and how to help you.

Focused on Fenestration

We are not trying to solve everything to everybody. Our focus remains on developing the most avant-garde software for the fenestration industry that is and will remain our niche.


What separates our solutions from our competitor’s is our intense focus on changing the industry through disrupting technology. In using the most avant-garde technological solutions, our customers are always ahead of their competition.

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