Architect BIM Solution

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What is BIM and Revit?

BIM is a process, a methodology and Revit is a single application built for BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Why is BIM used?

BIM is used to design and document building and infrastructure designs. Every detail of a building is modeled in BIM. The model can be used for analysis, to explore design options and to create visualizations that help stakeholders understand what the building will look like before it’s built.

What is BIM’s workflow?

BIM has an intelligent workflow, based on a 3D model, which provides all project planners and implementing companies involved with information and tools for efficient planning, design, construction and administration of buildings and infrastructure.

What are the advantages of BIM?

BIM technology is the focus of the construction design and building for how it reacts to increasing pressure of a greater complexity, a faster development, greater sustainability, reduction in building costs and of its usage. BIM creates efficiency and cuts down on repetitive work, such as re-keying information into models or making changes in the field.

How do architects use BIM?

With BIM authoring tools, architects can create a digital 3D model of the building, allowing them to see a representation of what it will look like and how it will operate.

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