Integrated ERP Platform

PrefSuite is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for manufacturers in the fenestration industry.

Control and efficiently manage the whole process from initial design through to CNC production. Integrated systems and flawless data combine to make production more streamlined and better planned, so that you can deliver outstanding products on time.

Production Scheduling
  • Plan orders to meet the requested delivery date.
  • Calculate the earliest delivery date based on your current workload across multiple production lines.
  • Seamlessly manage order changes and remakes.
  • View inventory and capacity dependencies in real time.
Purchasing & Inventory Management
  • Create reliable Material Needs directly from your sales orders.
  • Automatically create purchase orders from your sales orders or from your production batches to reduce material costs.
  • Manage orders to painting suppliers seamlessly.
  • Control on hand, on order and available quantities to deliver products on time. Avoid annoying stock ruptures.
  • Periodically reconcile inventory .
  • Relief inventory when issuing material to a shop order and increase inventory when receiving items from a purchase order.
  • Directly from our Estimation and Selling Software to your CNC, milling and saw machines.
  • Our Computer-Aided Manufacturing CAM works with all machine brands (no programming required).
  • Run paperless shop floor with our Computer-Integrated Manufacturing CIM barcode scanning and touch screens.
  • Real-time production and distribution planning.
  • Eliminate errors, increase accuracy and reduce waste with our flexible manufacturing automation software.
  • Combine orders from different customers into one shipping batch.
  • Prepare loose materials in packages with labels/barcodes.
  • Manage location and loading in the shipping area.
  • Prepare your pick list including models and loose material/packages.
  • Print your shipping labels for windows and packages.
  • Print the packing slips for items actually loaded/shipped from the shipping area.
  • Invoices are created from your orders eliminating costly errors.
  • Seamlessly create, track, and send invoices.
  • Integrate with your business applications (SalesForce, Business Central, Dynamics 365, CRM, ERP…) at any point of your workflow.

Operational Preference


Automate all your processes from sales order entry to production and shipping. PrefSuite includes the necessary tools to automate processes. This will save you time and avoid common errors.

Reduce Costs

With our comprehensive systems, eliminate the need for separate software and Excel books in each department. Save money in terms of data re-entry (which can be costly), error reduction and the recurring costs of licenses, updates and training on software.

Open platform on top of a single SQL Database

Customize the business logic layer to fit your most demanding requirements. Do it yourself or let our experienced team help you. We respect the freedom to develop your business at your own pace.

Connect your teams using a single solution

Boost sales and improve operations

Take better care of customers by managing the entire sales process and deliver better outcomes with connected operations.

Optimize inventory and supply chain management

Deliver products on time, while adapting to customer last minute changes with visibility across purchasing, manufacturing and inventory.

Use the same product master database for sales and operations

Send sales orders from our cloud solutions directly to your production plants avoiding double entry.

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